Dec 26 2018


This Christmas we have prepared many awesome gifts for you guys! First, meet our BRAND-NEW EDC-series - the Piercer!


Piercer is the first collaboration of the Steel Will brand with a knife designer Tommaso Rumici.
The main idea behind the Piercer was to create a versatile, compact EDC, with a point strong enough to pierce through wood, plastic, metal sheets and also thick clothes. It is not a fighting knife - it is simply ready for everything including self-defense. The blade is made of D2 tool steel; the edge is plain, with a constant curve and high bevels, in order to adapt to different cutting tasks, from food to bushcrafting.

The Piercer is available in three versions:
liner-lock with black G10 scales and satin or black stonewashed blade;
titanium frame-lock with black G10 scales and satin blade.

Another amazing news is we have updated our popular Intrigue model: it is now presented in a new color layout.

The Intrigue F45-15 & F45M-15black Stonewash coated blades along with black hardware (screws and clip) add predator and elegant look to these classy gentleman’s knives.